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Sex Crime Lawyers in San DiegoLiberty Lawyers has decades of combined experience in representing and defending all kinds of sex crime charges including sexual abuse, solicitation, lewd conduct, and rape. We are committed to pursuing dismissals and sentence reductions for all clients accused of sex crimes to the fullest extent possible and have a successful and proven track record to back it up.Sex offenses in San Diego are heavily punished, and convictions can be life-altering. Finding a skilled and experienced sex crimes attorney is an absolute necessity.

Have you been charged with or arrested for a sex crime in San Diego?

The severity of a sex crime conviction cannot be understated – even innocent defendants can have their lives ruined by mere allegations of a sex crime, due to the social impact of the charges. This is on top of the heavy consequences should you be convicted and the effects of Megan’s Law.

If you have been charged with rape, sexual assault, prostitution, child pornography or any other sex crime you must as a matter of urgency contact an experienced attorney capable of disproving the charges wherever possible and otherwise advocating in court for the lowest penalties available.

About our San Diego sex crime defense law firm:

The sex crime defense team at Liberty Lawyers has decades of combined experience in fighting sex crime charges. Our attorneys specialize in examining each case and developing unique strategies to match your exact circumstances and work towards the best possible outcome.

General Information:

Sex crime charges are complex and the evidence is often inconclusive and unreliable. The possible charges are usually interrelated but our exceptional criminal defense lawyers at Liberty Lawyers are well-practiced at persuading the court to settle for lesser charges with lighter penalties.

Our sex crime defense attorneys have successfully fought to dismiss sex trafficking cases. In the past, we have also achieved verdicts of not guilty for felony-level charges of child molestation and had rape charges reduced to misdemeanor assault, which carries no jail time. Premier legal representation is key to achieving these victories and we are ready to provide it for any and all sex crime charges.

Our Sex Crime Defense Service includes the following sex offenses:

Our sex crimes defense attorneys serve San Diego and surrounding areas. The sooner you reach out to us, the better we will be able to use our accomplished team to protect your interests and fight against your charges.

The potential consequences of sex crime allegations are too serious to waste any time or to settle for anything less. Call us now for a free consultation at (619) 236-3400.

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