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Welcome to our experienced San Diego embezzlement lawyer attorney web page. Embezzlement is part of white collar crimes that are seriously taken to task by the prosecution in California. This misappropriating of property activity is not taken lightly by the state law when valuables belonging to another are stolen stealthily or in a fraudulent manner. You need a criminal defense attorney at Thomas P. Mathews Law Offices with 26+ years of experience to defend you.

The intention to possess something that has been entrusted without return over a long period is also classified as embezzlement. It may not be limited to money alone but could encompass properties, valuables, jewelry, shares, and vehicles.

Since embezzlement is a crime, it is charged under the California Penal Code 503 regardless of offender or quantum involved in the crime. It must be noted that an embezzlement charge is effective even if the entrusted property was ‘borrowed’ temporarily and used for personal gain in some manner.

Defending Embezzlement Offenders.

There may be occasions when a person is wrongly charged with embezzlement crimes in California. Skilled and experienced defense lawyers are readily available to challenge the charges by protecting the rights of the alleged offenders.

Qualified and aggressive California criminal defense lawyers who are well versed with the California Penal Code 503 PC on embezzlement are apt in defending the alleged offender through the pre-trial processes of the court.

Embezzlement charges could be dismissed or lightened depending on the severity of each case based on prevailing evidence. Possible legal defenses against embezzlement crimes in California include:

  • Mistaken identity
  • Lack of criminal intent
  • Good faith in offender on right to valuables, monies or properties involved
  • False accusations
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