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In these types of charges, the most common defense is I did not do it type offense. There is really no other defense and typically these cases rely on physical evidence. However, many times, they are also a he-said-she-said type of situations. In those cases, the defense becomes more of a destroying the credibility of the complaining witness. Essentially, the defense revolves around just showing the lack of credibility of the accuser.

What Action Can Be Taken To Mitigate The Consequences?

Mitigating the consequences probably occurs in 90% of the charges that are filed in these types of cases. Just statistically, regardless of whether cases involve these types of charges, less than 10% of cases go to trial, which means most of the cases find a way to resolve themselves. There are many ways to mitigate the circumstances and cases involving these charges. Commonly, psychological evaluation can be extremely helpful. With these types of charges, the conduct is not based on any malice or ill will but rather on a mental illness or some other cognitive disorders. Having a professional psychologist prepare an evaluation on the accused can be extremely helpful in terms of mitigating the consequences.

What Are The Penalties And Lifelong Consequences Resulting From A Sex Crime Conviction?

In these types of cases, the consequences are typically lifelong. The primary consequence in almost all of these cases is being required registration as a sex offender. Most of these registration requirements are a lifelong requirement. However, in California, the legislature has recently backed off on that on certain types of sex offenses where it is no longer a lifelong registration but still will carry over for many, many years if not decades. Also, the serious nature of these charges carries the obvious potential punishment, which is numerous years in state prison. Some of these offenses carry a potential life sentence.

What Criminal Charges Can Result In Becoming A Registered Sex Offender?

Almost every sex offense in the California penal code requires sex offender registration. There are very few exceptions.

Why Is It So Critical To Have An Experienced Attorney To Help Me In Sex Crime Cases?

It is critical to have an experienced attorney for sex crime cases primarily due to the severe and lifelong consequences that could come along with a conviction for any sex offense in California the least of not which could be potentially lifelong registration as a sex offender and extensive period of time in prison.

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