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State & Federal Drug Crimes Defense – Conspiracy To Distribute, Importation, Possession With Intent To Sell Charges etc

The Law Offices of Thomas P. Matthews aggressively defends those accused of all state and federal drug crimes in San Diego County. The U.S has one of the toughest drug crime laws in the world. The country imposes heavy penalties on drug crime charges that are extended to cover drug possession, consumption and sale of controlled substances.

Any individual who is charged with drug crimes must hire an experienced San Diego criminal defense attorney for an effective and efficient legal representation to prevent the prosecution of heavy penalties. Minimal effort is required by the prosecutor to confirm such charges.

Illegal Drug Crime Charges including Manufacturing Drugs

The sale or furnishing of controlled substances or drugs invites a heavy penalty from the drug crime legislature. If an individual is charged with supplying drugs, the prosecutor needs only to confirm the charge without consideration for the actual sale of the drugs. Possessing the drug itself regardless of the defendant’s intention of the final outcome of the drug invites a stringent penalty. The defendant can be easily charged with the potential of a benefit from the possession of controlled substances.

Helping You Stay Out Of Jail With One Of The Best San Diego Federal Drug Crimes Lawyer at Law Offices of Thomas P. Matthews

As experienced and qualified drug crime lawyers in San Diego, we approach a drug offense charge strategically to have the charge dismissed or reduced in the penalty. We have dedicated legal team who specialize in drug crimes that include trafficking, possessing, distributing or manufacturing controlled substances.

Possession of controlled substances is a heavy offense according to the laws. Controlled substances in this are not permitted to be distributed freely by any individual; the law controls tightly on its possession, distribution, and manufacture. An individual who violates the law on controlled substances can be charged and arrested immediately by the state officers.

Heavy Penalties For Controlled Substance Charges

Any possession of drugs (Manufacturing Drugs) that are classified under controlled substances can incur heavy penalties depending on the type and amount. The charge is serious from an immediate arrest and lockup to a court hearing and long term jail term with heavy fines.

Possessing large amounts of drugs with an intention for distribution incurs heavier fines and jail term than possessing a small amount intended for personal use. The state drug crime laws can charge an individual on drug possession without the drugs found on them. The drugs could be found in the home or car of the individual to validate the charge and arrest.

The Law Offices of Thomas P Matthews legal firm is well positioned in San Diego to assist any drug crime defendant in court to expose all substantial pieces of evidence for a quick expunge of the charges.

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