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No matter what tactics they use, don’t offer up information to the police. This could also come back to haunt you (and most likely will, no matter how “cooperative” you seem to be).

Just because the police say they have a search warrant, doesn’t mean they do. If they say they have one, ask to see it.

  • Don’t get into an argument with them, no matter how much they try to bait you.
  • Don’t get in any physical contact with the police, even if you don’t intend any harm.
  • Do not put your hands where the police cannot see them.
  • Don’t run away from the police officer, and in the same token, don’t obstruct their investigation, or it could lead to more charges (both of these can).
  • Do not resist arrest. Even if you think you are innocent, the time to prove your innocent comes later, so it’s always better to just cooperate.
  • Don’t allow the officer to listen to any phone calls you might have with your lawyer. Those calls are protected by attorney-client privilege.
  • Don’t speak to the police without your attorney present. Do not allow them to search your property without your attorney’s advice. Do not give the police any information besides your name and address until your attorney is present. Don’t agree to be in a line-up without your attorney present. Don’t sign anything without your attorney present. Basically, always listen to your attorney, because they know best and are working in your best interest—the police are not.

If your attorney recommends you stay silent, don’t volunteer information. Stay quiet. Let the attorney do the talking, no matter how tempted you are to speak.

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