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Defense Law Office Helping You With California Possession Of a Stolen Firearms Issues

San Diego allows its residents to own or possess weapons legally as there are many reasons for such possession. This includes all types of guns from pistols to rifles. However, there are strict laws on gun possession in California to protect all parties. Numerous restrictions are imposed on those who wish to own a gun in California. So if you have been accused of a weapons crime in San Diego call us now.

Firearms or guns are allowed by most adults in California, according to the state law. An ownership license is not necessary in possessing a gun; hence, it is very easy to make a purchase from the local firearm store just like making produce in the local grocery store. California residents may legally keep a gun in their homes or offices for protection against intruders and robbers.

Guns are also allowed to be carried from place to place inside a locked container. There are individuals who are not allowed by law to own a handgun like:

  • Convicted felons in any jurisdiction
  • Drug addicts
  • Convicted persons in various misdemeanor offenses
  • Mentally ill or deranged mind individuals
  • Minors

A prohibition on gun possession automatically prohibits the possession of ammunition by California law. Hence, the possession of guns in California is quite easy with a valid safety certificate to make a purchase.

Crimes Committed Via Weapons or Firearms

Criminal penalties are imposed on those who commit crimes using guns whether they are permitted to own a gun or not. Crimes that are committed using firearms would subject the defendant to the weapons crime laws of California.

Call or Email an Experienced Weapons Charges Law Firm For Results on California Possession Of Stolen Firearms,Handguns etc. The Law Offices of Thomas P. Matthews with a strong market reputation can advise over gun possession and defense of weapon crimes.

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