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After being arrested and charged with sexual assault in San Diego, call Liberty Lawyers, because a good defense is crucial to fighting your case.

We’ve defended over thousands of criminal cases and our proven track of success defending sexual assault charges is second to none.

Sexual assault is a very serious crime that refers to unwanted or nonconsensual sexual contact such as groping or grabbing but excluding actual intercourse.

Not only do detectives and prosecutors take sexual assault charges very seriously, but we at Liberty Lawyers do, too. We’re experienced, well-informed defense attorneys with years of experience to represent you.

An experienced sexual assault defense attorney on your side is key to preventing you from being taken advantage of by aggressive detectives.

But, if you wait long to call us and take action, your success rate of winning the case — even with experienced attorneys — drops significantly.

Don’t waste any time and called the some of the most experienced lawyers in the San Diego area. Call (619) 378-9990 immediately for a free confidential consultation.

With over 25 years experience defending sexual assault charges, we’ve assisted many San Diego residents to get their charges reduced or dismissed with a strong, hard-nosed defense. We go head-to-head with aggressive detectives and prosecutors.

We handle each individual case differently, providing each client with detailed attention and an aggressive defense. We’ll protect your rights!

We will not stop until we get you the best possible outcome.

Do NOT speak to law enforcement or investigators about your sexual assault charges, as that information can and will be used against you in a court of law.

Sex Crimes Case Results:

  • Accused of Felony Sex Trafficking of a Minor—
  • Charged With 6 counts child molestation
  • Charged With Felony Rape
  • Reduced to misdemeanor assault/no jail.

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