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Sex crime charges in California can be classified into three categories: felony sex offenses, misdemeanor sex offenses, and ‘sex texting’ offenses. Anyone facing a sex crime charge must get in touch with a San Diego Sex Crimes Lawyer immediately. Broadly speaking, the types of crimes contained within these categories include:

  • Rape – non-consensual sexual intercourse performed through threats, fraud or force. Defendants can confront the charges with evidence of false accusations, a misunderstanding that the intercourse was consensual, or mistaken identity of the rapist.
  • Sexual assault – unwanted or nonconsensual sexual contact such as groping or grabbing
  • Sexual battery – a charge for other sexual charges do not apply to the circumstances.
  • Statutory rape – sex performed by an adult with a minor, regardless of circumstance.
  • Prostitution – Engaging in sexual acts with payment, soliciting prostitution, or human trafficking.
  • Child molestation/abuse – includes physical violence, mental abuse, and sexual acts.
  • Child pornography – knowingly viewing, downloading or disseminating files from a computer.
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