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See what our clients are saying about Attorney Thomas P. Matthews:

What Our Clients Are Saying?

“I felt they did everything in their power to represent me to the best of their abilities. I felt comfortable and would recommend them.”
Mark L.

“Absolutely! He was very thorough and did everything he could for my husband.”

“Having never been in trouble with the law before I was very frightened. Not able to request referrals from anyone I knew personally because of the embarrassment, I turned to the internet. Thomas Matthews has a website that seemed to stand out from the rest. That being said, he lived up to my initial gut feelings in every way. Tom has a wonderful calm demeanor and he was there each time I reached out. His assistant was equally helpful too. After explaining my situation, Tom assured me that he would take care of everything. Thanks to Tom the process went smoothly, I don’t have a record and the fine was dropped. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who finds themselves in need of a lawyer.”
Janice G.

“Great attorney! Tom saved me from a probable DUI conviction through an innovative defense tactic. Because of this, the judge threw out the case. Tom always responded to my phone calls and emails in a timely manner with no extra charge. You will find Tom to be honest and hard-working, most refreshing to experience.”
Kent M.

“He was professional and worked hard to get me the best deal he could. Very Satisfied!”
Charles L.

“I have been a business professional for over 25 years, 20 of them in a “C level” capacity. In all those years I have used many an attorney, and have paid many as well. Simply put this firm is by far the best I have come across. Not only did they do an outstanding job in representing me, but they were also very fair when it came time to sort out the hours and resources needed to bring my cases to a desired conclusion. It rare that you find the combination of talented and practical when it comes to Law firms. Here you get both, and its done with the utmost of courtesy, honesty, and professionalism, and that my friends are a lost art these days.”
Michael P.

“This guy is phenomenal! I am a middle-aged man with a family, and was going through some tough financial times. As a result, I made a very poor decision, which resulted in my being charged with a number of felony crimes. I had never been in trouble before. I was depressed, scared, ashamed, and I felt lost. Thomas Matthews did an incredible job! He took so much of my stress away. Better yet, he kept a felony off my record, which was critical to me keeping my job. If you need a criminal defense lawyer, I can’t imagine a better lawyer in San Diego, or anywhere!”
Jordan S.

“Experience was amazing 100%.”
Alexander D.

“I had no worries or concerns because I knew I would be taken care of. I loved how I was treated and the results were what I wanted them to be. Just a talk over the phone made me feel so comfortable and reassuring that this nightmare will be taken care of. It was a very good decision to hire this attorney.”
Natalya F.

“It is hard to understand the importance of a good lawyer until you need one. Even more important is when a loved one needs a criminal lawyer for reasons that are serious.

Thanks Thomas for your professionalism. You handled our situation as if it was your only case. Thanks for the updates just because a few days had passed and you thought my wife and I might we worried.

I sat in court while every other attorney searched for papers while unprepared. You were direct in filings and direct in motions. I could see the clerk smiling as if she knew you’re always prepared.

The key to us was you’re realistic in expectation. Although the outcome far exceeded what we expected, your expectation was correct and delivered.

As Thomas told my wife and me, every case is different. I hope I never need Thomas again for what our case was, but if by chance we do; Thomas and his staff have our confidence. Thank you so much, sir.”

“Mr. matthews represented me in a major felony federal drug case. I was looking at a possible 5 to 10 year sentence. Due to his skills and tenacity, he managed to get my case dismissed! A great attorney, my family and I will forever be grateful for the amazing work he did for us. Thank you so so much tom. I will always retain you if I ever need a great attorney again.”

“I did feel very comfortable with my attorney. He made me feel calm and okay. I was treated with respect and kindness. My experience was more okay because I was comfortable with my attorney.”
Rana S.

“He treated me with respect and in a very courteous and professional manner. Went out of his way to help me. The experience was a good one as he handled everything and kept me posted along the way.”
Michael S.

“Tom is an amazing criminal defense attorney. I have worked with him for over 10 years. He treats all of his clients with compassion and respect. In court he is a fierce fighter for his clients, which results in favorable outcomes such as not guilty verdicts at trials, case dismissals and reduction of charges. Tom handles both state and Federal criminal misdemeanor and federal cases and is always honest with his clients. I highly recommend anyone faces criminal charges hires him to represent you!!”

“My very first case was a misdemeanor and hired Matthews for help. His experience with the law fought my case and dismissed it. With Thomas you have nothing to worry about as he takes complete control. If you need help as i did go with Matthews he will get you through it!”

“Very Good!”
Kelly S.

“Tom took great care of my case, he was able to put me and my family at ease with his cool and calm demeanor. He is honest and upfront with everything and the whole legal process. His knowledge of the law and statues ensured we got a fair trial and made sure we didn’t get railroaded by the system. I’ve already recommended Tom to several friends and we have not been disappointed. If you want someone that has your best interest in both heart and mind then Tom is the lawyer you need and want on your side.”
Jose O.

“I can not thank Mr. Matthews enough for keeping me out of jail. Tom was an amazing criminal defense attorney. I was facing multiple years in prison and was very nervous and more afraid than i had ever been in my life. Tom calmed me down and made me feel comfortable about the whole legal process. He treated me as if I was a family member or a good friend of his.

Mr. Matthews legal expertise saved me from doing a lot of hard time. My case was a very complex case and ranged across a few states. Tom handled the case very professionally and I was very pleased with the outcome. I would recommend Tom to anyone who needs a criminal defense lawyer that cares about the people he represents. Thank you again for giving me a second chance at life Mr. Matthews!”
Ashley K.

“The services provided were exceptional. We were very well taken care of. It was a wise decision to go with them.”
Kevin E.

“Mr. Mathews and his dedicated associates won for me a large settlement in my personal injury case. Thanks again Tom! I am extremely happy with the service which was provided to me, Mr. Mathews is a seasoned litigator who knows how to get the job done, and I am completely satisfied with the results. In my case there was no clear cut liability yet Mr. Mathews and team used their overwhelming expertise to win and win big.”
John H.

“There’s no better decision. I’m still getting help long after my case. Responsible!”
Jake W.

“Mr. Matthews and his teams are nothing short of outstanding. In fact he has represented me since 2003. I now live out of state and recently needed help and he was there for me. Mr. Matthews is someone you can trust and count on to act on your behalf and treat you with respect and dignity you deserve. To this day he continues to provide me sound and valuable counsel.

WITHOUT question the BEST attorneys I know. I would recommend Mr. Matthews without question or hesitation. If you are serving in the military then this attorney is the one for you. He will take care of business. Simply said: HE IS THE BEST!”
Lucian M.

“Tom Matthews, What else can be said, this guy is the most under rated Attorney out there! He performed in such a quick efficient manner and is so respected by all the opposing counsel not to mention the respect he draws from the Judge! My comfort level never felt so good! I couldn’t be happier with my results…DISMISSED! Can’t be that…Thumbs up for me!!!:)”
Jason K.

“Thomas is one of the most compassionate and diligent attorney’s I have ever worked with. He listens and stays on top of all aspects for his clients needs. He can help with any criminal, state or federal matter. Located in the heart of Downtown he is constantly working to get his clients the best possible outcome. Recently got a DUI? I highly recommend giving him a call, his office team is equally supportive and are always there to help.”
Colleen P.

“Great lawyers. My cousin used their criminal defense attorney for a dui case and won.”
Chad H.

“Having had experienced some personal dramatic occurrences, working with Tom and his team allowed for a professional and insightful strategic course of action. They were empathetic, charming, clever and most importantly professional. Trying to find a legal team that works tirelessly for your cause is a rare encounter. I am grateful for the introduction to this legal team and I am very confident in the professional services that they provide and would most definitely consider them when looking for an advocate to represent me.”
Meredith D.

“Mr. Mathews gets a five start rating from me because he worked hard for me and He gets results; my lawsuit was won, I received a favorable and generous settlement, and I am one happy customer. I was almost killed in a bicycle vs. car collision that landed me in the hospital with a concussion and three broken ribs. I was badly shaken and beat up and it was refreshing to know That he cares. Mr. Mathew’s treated me with kindness and compassion. Mr. Mathews is the consummate professional and with his outstanding team they achieved a remarkable result for me! Thanks again Mr. Mathews and Liberty Lawyers!”
John H.

“I am so relieved to have Tom taking care of the business aspect of things so that I can concentrate on my recovery process.” With Tom representing me, I had a peace of mind through the entire process and I received a very successful outcome! Honestly, i couldn’t imagine going through that process without him representing me.”
Maryam F.