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A DUI conviction can have many serious consequences that can endure for a very long time, far more than we can imagine. A DUI conviction goes into your criminal history and can negatively influence your chances of getting jobs, it can lead to loss of current employment, a higher car insurance, and a bad image. Consequently, getting the best legal representation is your best chance of mitigating or nullifying any possible bad effect of a DUI conviction. If You or a Loved One are Facing a DMV Hearing in San Diego, STOP and Think For a Minute. Here are the 5 Vital Things to Take Into Consideration to be able to Protect Your Future and Save Your License:

  • If you are charged with a DUI, you only have 10 days from the date of your arrest to contact the DMV or your driver’s license will be revoked or suspended for specific number of days, months or years, depending on the severity or classification of your DUI arrest (first DUI, Second DUI, third DUI, Felony DUI). A competent attorney will make a DMV hearing request on your behalf. The DMV hearing is an administrative hearing that is solely concerned with driving license; therefore, the DMV administrators have the legal authority to suspend or revoke your driving privileges. The DMV hearing should not be confused with DUI court session, it is an entirely separate administrative body from the DUI courts. *If you are tensed up about your DUI charge, you shouldn’t be too worried, a/series of mistake shouldn’t define you. You can talk to us by calling (619) 236-3400 Now. There is an experienced DUI attorney available 24 hours a day, 7 days week to discuss your situation and give you legal advice.
  • Get a competent attorney who is specialized in DUI and criminal defense and has an impressive record of accomplishment for successfully defending thousands of DUI cases. The advantages of a competent attorney are very obvious and sometimes too subtle yet very important. For example, even if you were found innocent in the DUI court, your driver’s license can still be revoked at the DMV hearing. You need a competent lawyer to help you aggressively and expertly challenge allegations where necessary and reduce or totally remove any charges against you. An experienced DUI attorney may be able to win the retainment of your full driving privileges even if you have already been tried and found guilty in the DUI courts.

Lawyers with such experience and reputation charge high fees that are sometimes prohibitively expensive for the accused. However, Liberty lawyers place more value on freedom than a fee. Our goal is to help you keep your driving privileges & protect your future. We have the best experienced, aggressive, and competitively priced San Diego DUI Lawyer who has thousands of DUI victories in San Diego under his belt.

If you are facing a DMV hearing in San Diego, call us immediately at (619) 236-3400 for a FREE, confidential consultation with our experienced San Diego DUI lawyer.

DUI Case Results:

  • Third DUI within 5 years
  • Charges reduced, $500 fine, no jail, no license suspension!
  • DUI
  • Reduced to simple reckless driving!
  • DUI Causing serious injury
  • DMV Hearings
  • Client has BAC of .28% and at DMV hearing the suspension was set aside

More Results

Liberty lawyers put an over 25 years experience in defending DUI and alcohol related crimes in preparing a defense for your DUI case. We have literally helped thousands of San Diego County residents just like you, get their DUI charges reduced or dismissed with or without their driving privileges suspended/revoked. Call us now at (619) 236-3400 for a FREE, confidential consultation with our experienced San Diego DUI lawyer. All of your rights will be protected, and we will NOT stop until we have secured your freedom and gotten you the BEST possible outcome.

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