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Assault and BatteryWith the rising assault crimes in California, there is a growing demand for professional and experienced San Diego assault attorneys to assist victims and defendants. We are an established California criminal defense law firm with a strong representation on assault and battery charges. We want to hear your case! The following information may apply to you. You might be a victim and not even know it!Any assault charge in San Diego County refers to the act of imminent harm and battery on another person physically. The moving of assault crime from the common law crimes to the Penal Code of California proves the stringent measure undertaken by the state court to curb such crimes, Assault and Battery.

General Information:

Assault crimes in California require the professional legal representation to ensure a lighter penalty for the offenses. Our established assault attorney firm offers professional and experienced lawyers who are committed to:

  • Prove the innocence of our defendant client on such crime charges
  • Provide independent intensive investigations to prove our defendant client’s innocence
  • Offer the best of legal counsel and representation from start to closure of case
  • Reduce the assault charges through skillful negotiation and legal representation in court

We are familiar with the state laws on assault charges and their penalties upon a conviction. An assault crime can be a misdemeanor or a felony with penalties that include:

  • 6 months jail time
  • Community service
  • Maximum fine of $1000

Our experienced attorney at Law Offices of Thomas P Matthews can work out the best deal in and outside the court for the client charged with an assault crime.

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