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Liberty Lawyers consists of highly experienced DUI and criminal defense attorneys in San Diego, CA, who handle a variety of criminal cases throughout the state of California. Each year, millions of people are accused of criminal charges and convicted. While some are rightfully convicted of crimes, others are innocent victims of a malicious trap. In that situation, having an experienced trial lawyer by your side can help save you from penalties, legal fines, and most importantly, jail time.

Liberty Lawyers has helped thousands of clients to minimize or completely eliminate the penalties they faced in a criminal court in California. The primary goal of Liberty Lawyers is to build an effective defense strategy in every single case. These highly experienced attorneys use their experience, skill, time, and reputation to help clients and their families obtain the very best possible results.

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Charged With A Crime

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San Diego Criminal Lawyer with a Long History of Trial Experience

If you are facing Criminal charges in California and you want the best criminal lawyer in San Diego, CA on your side, Liberty Lawyers is the right choice for you. They are highly experienced trial lawyers. Having them at your side during a criminal trial is the best thing you could do to save yourself from the possible consequences of the court. Liberty Lawyers understands that any criminal charge is serious, whether a felony, a misdemeanor, or a DUI. Taken lightly, even a drunk driving charge or other criminal charge can ruin one’s life.

Why Choose US?

Liberty Lawyers is one of the leading criminal defense and DUI lawyers in San Diego, CA, and its suburbs. For early three decades, Liberty Lawyers are providing their legal services to a thousands of people residing in California and helping them in obtaining “plea bargain” or dropping their charges. His expertise lies in criminal defense, violent crimes, drug crimes, sex crimes, DUI, and much more. Our experts, criminal defense and DUI lawyers in San Diego, CA, aim to help people tangled in DUI and criminal defense and its associated crimes.

The reason why Liberty Lawyers, a criminal defense and DUI lawyers in San Diego, CA, is the right choice for you because of the following underlying distinctive features that make us stand out from our competitors.

  • Over 26 years of time-tested experience in criminal defense, violent crimes drug crimes, sex crimes, and DUI.
  • An effective defense strategy in every single case against the prosecution
  • Meeting an experienced DUI and criminal defense Lawyer and getting an expert opinion on your case
  • Dedicated attention to your case
  • Considerate as well as empathetic attitude towards clients, as clients come first!
  • Efficiency, as time is the fundamental factor to consider in such sensitive cases. Every single second is valuable.
  • Keeping you constantly updated regarding the case progress
  • Our mission is to help you in regaining your freedom by dropping criminal charges or DUI charges.

Cities We Serve

We are providing legal representation in the following local areas San Diego City, Chula Vista, El Cajon, Vista, National City, Carlsbad, Encinitas, La Mesa, Solana Beach, Rancho Bernardo, Poway, Ocean Beach, Mission Beach, Pacific Beach, La Jolla, Del Mar, Mission Valley, Downtown, College, Carmel Valley, Eastlake, Imperial Beach, Old Town, Hillcrest, North Park, Mission Hills, Santee, Lakeside, Alpine, Jamul, North County San Diego, Central San Diego, East County San Diego, North County, Encinitas, Mira Mesa, Solana Beach, Oceanside, Rancho Peñasquitos, San Marcos, Vista,El Cajon, Lemon Grove, Central County San Diego, Coronado, Spring Valley, South County San Diego, Otay Mesa-Nestor, San Ysidro and Escondido.

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An Insight into Criminal Defense Attorney San Diego, CA

Liberty Lawyers have defended over thousands of cases during their nearly three decades of experience as a criminal defense attorney San Diego, CA. also, they have cross-examined hundreds of experts, and are prepared to challenge any scientific proof presented by the prosecution in their case in the court of law. As a representative on your behalf, we will put all the expertise of the criminal justice system to work for you, so that; you can get back to your life as a free man. Added, you can take advantage of all the opportunities lying ahead in your life.

Besides this, Liberty Lawyers-criminal defense attorney San Diego, CA- brings a dedicated & strong team to your defense. The team conducts its own investigation by examining the crime scene, questioning witnesses, and coupling with the evidence to understands the situation, and make sure the jury hears your side of a story. For all of this to happen, it is imperative to have an experienced criminal defense attorney San Diego, CA by your side, who can help you and assist you throughout this process.

The most common practice areas are as follows:

  • Sex crimes
  • Theft crimes
  • Violent crimes
  • Federal crimes
  • Probation Violation
  • White Collar Offences
  • Embezzlement

Thomas Mathews

Why Choose Us

We are dedicated and committed to representing our clients aggressively, professionally and above all else, honestly. It is our focus on building a solid attorney to client relationship based on trust and mutual respect that sets us apart from other firms.

At our law firm, you’re not a number; you’re a real person with a real life that needs help in defending your rights. Part of representing you includes presenting you to the court in a way that reminds them that you’re a person too. Being a criminal defense attorney opens my eyes on how people are in the wrong places at the wrong time. Thomas P. Matthews, a San Diego Criminal Lawyer, and DUI Attorney, will stand by you 100%.

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A Retrospect into DUI Attorney San Diego, CA

Driving under the influence of drugs will have severe consequences not only on the driver but also on the parallel drivers. If you have been charged with DUI, it is important to consult an experienced DUI attorney San Diego. So, that he/ she can save you from the severe punishment of the court. Besides this, the DUI attorney can help you to avoid cancellation of your driving license. In case, you are a bus driver, then a DUI attorney by your side is a must if you do not want to jeopardize your future employment opportunities. However, the most common DUI practice areas are listed below.

Bottom line is, it is strategically significant to discuss your DUI/criminal defense case with our experienced and seasoned criminal defense and DUI lawyers in San Diego, CA, call Liberty Lawyers, CA. We have a team of experienced attorneys who assist people in criminal defense, violent crimes, drug crimes, sex crimes, DUI and much more. Therefore, it is advisable to hire a criminal defense and DUI lawyers in San Diego, CA, who can help you and your family in getting out of this legal complex situation.

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