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Going through your first DUI litigation process can be a grueling task that can lead to a dizzying tailspin. However, The key to going through this process without experiencing all the accompanying stress is to educate yourself on how DUI litigation process is carried out and hiring a competent attorney. A competent ATTORNEY will give you a thorough briefing on the DUI PROCESS; prepare you for your DMV hearing and DUI court hearing. liberty lawyers provide a free consultation for dui cases. You can get an express free consultation by calling (619) 236-3400 Now! Before that, HERE ARE 5 VITAL THINGS TO TAKE INTO CONSIDERATION WHEN LOOKING TO PROTECT YOUR FUTURE from the long term consequences of A DUI conviction.

  1. From the time of your arrest, you have 10 days to obtain your DMV hearing, or your license will be suspended. We are able to take care of this for you.
  2. If convicted of a first DUI in San Diego, you cannot only lose your license but can end up paying considerable fines and other courtroom ordered penalties.
  3. You should hire a defense attorney that is specialized in DUI and criminal defense and has won a large number of first DUI cases in San Diego.
  4. You should look for a legal professional who offers a competitive fee, accepts little or no down payment, and offers an affordable payment plan to help you through your first DUI case.
  5. Most importantly, you must choose a legal professional with an impressive DUI dismissal rate in San Diego.

Finding the right San Diego DUI attorney for your First DUI case is so important that you cannot afford to hire just anyone. A DUI case that is not handled correctly can get you more than the regular penalty for first timers or deny you the chance of getting a lesser punishment. You need a lawyer who is familiar with San Diego’s law system and has the experience needed to make bold examinations of your DUI booking when necessary. Liberty lawyers have lawyers who have collectively helped thousands of individuals with first DUI cases get a lesser punishment. If you are facing your first DUI case in San Diego, call us immediately at (619) 236-3400 and get a FREE private consultation with an experienced, winning San Diego DUI lawyer. Our experienced attorney ensures that all your protection under the law are received and will not stop until you have secured your liberty and a perfect outcome!

We have over 25 year’s experience in expertly defending alcoholic beverages and Drunk driving related offenses. We have successful representations for over a thousand San Diego County residents. Our clients get their first DUI charge markedly reduced or dismissed.

Note: You merely have 10 days from the time of your DUI arrest to acquire your reading with the DMV wanted.

DUI Case Results

  • Third DUI within 5 years
  • Charges reduced, $500 fine, no jail, no license suspension!
  • DUI
  • Reduced to simple reckless driving!
  • DUI Causing serious injury
  • DMV Hearings
  • Client has BAC of .28% and at DMV hearing the suspension was set aside

More Results

Let us help you with your first drunk driving in San Diego. Call our experienced San Diego DUI legal defense professional on (619) 236-3400 for an express, complementary, confidential consultation.

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