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When your reputation, freedom, and livelihood are on the line, it is important that you have an attorney who is an experienced proven advocate that has gotten real and substantial results. Attorney Thomas P. Matthews has successfully tried numerous cases and negotiated many favorable plea agreements for his clients over his 26 years practicing criminal defense in San Diego, CA. He is proud of the results he has been able to achieve for his clients over the years. Below are some recent successes that he has had representing people charged with criminal offenses in San Diego County.

Case Results (C.R.)Case Results (C.R.)

Actual Criminal Case Result for Thomas P. Matthews

Theft Crimes C.R. (Results)
  • Felony Elder Abuse/Grand Theft over $500,000 (6 felony counts total) – All felony counts DISMISSED!
  • Over $100,00 embezzlement by company controller – No Jail
  • Petty theft with a prior – Reduced to infraction
Felony Hit & Run causing death:
  • No Jail
Armed Robbery with a firearm:
  • No Jail

Sex Crimes

Sex Crimes C.R. (Results)
  • Accused of Felony Sex Trafficking of a Minor – Case DISMISSED!
  • Charged With 6 counts child molestation – NOT GUILTY IN ALL COUNTS
  • Charged With Felony Rape – Reduced to misdemeanor assault/no jail.
Human sex trafficking:
  • Case Dismissed​


DUI C.R. (Results)
  • Third DUI within 5 years
  • Charges reduced, $500 fine, no jail, no license suspension!
  • DUI
  • Reduced to simple reckless driving!
  • DUI Causing serious injury
  • DMV Hearings
  • Client has BAC of .28% and at DMV hearing the suspension was set aside

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence C.R. (Results)
  • Accused Of Domestic Violence, corporal injury/strangulation
  • Not guilty
  • Civil Restraining Order Defense
  • Dismissed
Domestic Violence with injury:
  • Case Dismissed

Drug CrimesDrug Crimes C.R. (Results)
  • Possession of Heroin
  • Dismissed on Defense Motion
  • Conspiracy to Distribute over 10,000 Oxycodone pills – NO JAIL!
  • Federal Felony Conspiracy to Manufacture Marijuana (274 plants) – Case DISMISSED!
  • Federal Felony Importation of a Controlled Substance (67 Kilos of marijuana) – Case DISMISSED
  • Possession of 11.34 kilos of methamphetamine–charges reduced to “giving a false statement” – Credit for time served sentence!
  • Conspiracy to Distribute over 10,000 Oxycodone pills – NO JAIL!
  • Multi-state felony Conspiracy to distribute hundreds of kilos of MDMA (ecstasy) – Reduced to misdemeanor, no jail

Other C.R. (Results)
  • Federal illegal sports bookmaking case – no jail!
  • Federal Alien Smuggling – jury trial, case DISMISSED after hung jury!
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