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Law Offices of Thomas P. Matthews is one of the top rated and best San Diego domestic violence attorney. Tom has over 25 years of experience in defending those accused of domestic abuse. He has gotten a lot of dismissals for his clients in a lot of dv cases throughout SD county courts. The rise in domestic violence is alarming to cause stringent laws and heavy penalties on offenders. So if you have been accused of a family violence please talk to an experienced legal expert to represent you before you lose everything. The physical abuse crime can incur criminal charges against a spouse, co-habitant, dates or anyone in current or past relationships.

Any domestic violence charge in San Diego County, California can impose heavy penalties when the charge is proven in a court hearing. The penalties include:

  • Long jail term
  • Heavy fines
  • Restraining orders
  • Probation
  • Felony Record

A domestic violence charge can include battery where willful and unlawful force is imposed on another. Longer incarceration periods are imposed on battery offenders if the offense is executed on peace officers and employees of the probation department.

  • How Domestic Violence Fines Are Based
  • The court imposes the relevant fine and a jail term on domestic violence offenders based on:
  • The severity of abuse of victim
  • The frequency of the abuse
  • The mental condition of the offender
  • The background and track record of the offender


Understanding The Felony Aspect Of Domestic Violence Cases

A willful infliction of any type of bodily injury is considered a felony in California where the victim is traumatized. Such bodily inflictions can be executed by spouse, co-habitant, parent or dates. A traumatic condition imposed on the victim via domestic violence is a wound or injury caused by a heavy force. The convicted defendant may be jailed and fined; the fine may be channeled to a battered women’s shelter or used to compensate the victim for treatment or counseling. California take domestic violence serious and that’s why it has very strict laws and punishment for those convicted of any type of domestic violence. A repeated conviction for willful infliction that includes corporal injury would bring on:

  • 5 years imprisonment – $10,000 fine

Heavier penalties are imposed on repeat defendant with similar offenses within 7 years. Charges could include:

  • Willful corporal injury infliction
  • Severe bodily battery
  • Sexual battery

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