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A common mistake that people make following an arrest is deciding to talk to other people about their case. This is something that people should not do. Another common mistake is trying to contact the court in order to find out the status of their case. The courts typically won’t even have their information for several days or weeks if they bailed out of jail. People should simply focus on getting an attorney to help them.

Will I Have A Criminal Court Appearance In The First Month After An Arrest?

Whether or not someone will have a criminal court appearance in the first month after an arrest will depend on how busy the courts are and which city the court is in. However, if someone does not bail out and they are in custody, then they will have a criminal court appearance within the first month. In fact, if someone is in custody then they will have to be brought before a judge within 72 hours.

How Often Should I Expect To Meet With My Attorney To Discuss My Case In The First 30 Days?

The frequency with which someone can expect to meet with their attorney within the first 30 days after an arrest will depend on the complexity of the case and the legal issues presented. Some cases require one or two meetings at most in the first 30 days, while more complex cases may require additional meetings. This is particularly true when dealing with white collar crimes and other cases that require an early investigation to prevent the destruction of evidence.

Do I Have To Meet With A Pre-Trial Probation Officer Within The First 30 Days?

In California, a person will not have to meet with a pre-trial probation officer within the first 30 days because there is simply no pre-trial probation supervision of any kind. However, in federal cases, anyone who posts a bond will be on pre-trial supervision and assigned a pre-trial services officer. They will have to remain in communication with that officer while they are released on bond and while their case is pending.

Should I Voluntarily Start Counseling Before My First Court Date?

Whether or not someone should voluntarily start counseling before their first court date will depend on the charges. For example, if someone has multiple DUI cases or their case involves the use of drugs, then it would be recommended that they begin counseling. If someone has anger management issues, they may be recommended that they begin treatment sooner rather than later.

Where Can I Find Out Where A Friend Or Family Member Has Been Taken After An Arrest?

In California, a person can find out where their friend or family member has been taken after an arrest by calling the local detention facility, which is usually the county jail. Most counties have websites that are easily accessible and make it very easy to locate an inmate. If it is not possible to locate them in a county facility, then it is possible that they are in a federal facility. Under these circumstances, it would behoove the loved one to start calling the local federal facilities.

Should I Call An Attorney Right Away? How Can I Find A Qualified Attorney Right Away?

If someone is in custody, then they should call an attorney right away. The best way to find a qualified attorney is typically through personal referrals from family members or a loved one. Alternatively, many people use the internet to locate attorneys. While the internet is a good resource for this, people should make sure to do a little bit of research on attorneys and check the state bar website to ensure that they do not have any disciplinary actions on their record.

Can An Attorney Help My Friend Or Family Member Get Out Of Jail Right Away?

An attorney can help get someone’s friend or family member out of jail right away by simply communicating with a bail bondsman. Within the first day or two, that is typically the only way that an attorney can help. An attorney can also help them in the arraignment process by making some persuasive arguments to the judge that the individual should be released on their own recognizance. This is where a good attorney can absolutely help and save an individual a great deal of money, especially when considering what they could potentially spend on the bond.

Can I Replace An Attorney If I Am Not Satisfied With Their Services?

An individual can absolutely replace an attorney if they are not satisfied with their services; a defendant can hire and fire attorneys at will. If they are not happy with one attorney, then nothing prevents them from hiring a different attorney. The only exception to this is when someone has been appointed a public defender. People typically do not get to choose their lawyer when a public defender has been appointed to them.

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