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Do Most Criminal Cases go to Trial or do They Plead Out?

Most criminal cases end up resolving without the need to go to trial. Only a small percentage of cases actually go to a jury trial. If a higher percentage of cases went to trial, the system would collapse because it would be unable to support the caseload. So, there is a very significant interest in the system as a whole for cases to resolve or otherwise settle.

When I speak with clients, I explain that most cases are really become situations of damage control. Our system is set up so that by resolving a case early, you get benefits that you wouldn’t get by taking the case to trial and losing. I would say that about 95% of cases that lose at the trial end in a punishment that is more severe than it would have been had the case resolved before trial. It is important to note that to resolve a case does not just mean to take a guilty plea; cases can also be resolved via dismissals and in numerous fashions through the filing of different motions.

How Does a Prior Arrest or Conviction Impact my Pending Criminal Case?

Prior arrests and convictions most definitely come into play in any case. However, the degree to which they come into play varies greatly depending on the seriousness and age of those prior convictions, how much time the individual served in jail or prison on them, and the underlying facts of those prior convictions. Sometimes they come into play in a significant fashion. Other times, they can be rendered meaningless or have little to no effect on the present case.

Are There Any Alternative Punishments to Jail That I May Qualify For?

For practically all misdemeanors and most low-level felonies, there are a number of alternatives to jail that the court may consider, such as volunteer work, community service, public work service (which is essentially like cleaning trash on the freeways), home confinement or a residential drug treatment program. Whether or not an alternative punishment is granted will depend on the particular case in question.

What Should I Look For in Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney? What Are Some Red Flags?

It is important to find an attorney who has a strong reputation with the local legal community, the prosecutor’s office and the courts. You want an attorney who is willing to work hard on your case and get the best result possible. Red flags include attorneys who aren’t willing to meet with you in person, who are quick to get off of the phone, and who start quoting fees after having gathered little to no information about your case. Those are the attorneys you should avoid.

What Sets You And Your Firm Apart in Handling Criminal Cases?

The answer to this question is threefold. First, our firm is set apart from the rest due to our reputation in the legal community. Second, we provide excellent and thorough customer service. The third (and perhaps most important) aspect of our firm that sets us apart from the rest is our ability to obtain great results for our clients, time and again.

A good attorney can really help take the fear and anxiety away from the whole process. When people become involved in the criminal justice system, they are usually very worried, scared and anxious. As a result, they are looking for the best assistance that they are able to get. They want to be put at ease and feel confident that their case is going to be handled in the best way possible.

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