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Experienced San Diego Driving With A Suspended License Attorney Helping You With All Types Of Dmv HearingsWe help with all types of Department of Motor Vehicles hearings for your driver’s license suspension. We also handle drivers license issues in relation to DUI charges.

DMV Hearings in San Diego County Courts

A DUI arrest in California would probably lead to a DMV hearing besides a court hearing for criminal cases. A DMV hearing is a separate legal proceeding with the state Department of Motor Vehicles that is governed by its own set of regulations and rules on the DUI offender.

Professional legal representation is required to assist the DUI offender in handling Department of Motor Vehicles hearings to secure the lightest penalty and outcome.

The state of California imposes strict regulations on drunk driving offenses with a range of penalties for first time offenders to repeat offenders. Penalties of drunk driving include:

  • Jail time
  • Fines
  • Re-habilitation programs
  • Attendance of DUI school programs
  • DUI probation

A DMV hearing on a DUI offense is always set when a driver is arrested for drunk driving in and around California. The arresting officer may confiscate the driver’s license and place the offender in jail until the court or DMV hearing takes place.

The DMV exercises an administrative proceeding to deal with the driving privileges of the DUI offender such as

  • Revocation of driving license
  • Installation of IID in vehicles
  • DUI record and demerit points

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