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As society becomes more affluent in science and technology, it is not surprising to note the increasing number of credit or debit card fraud across the globe. This activity is illegal as it involves the intentional misuse of credit or debit card facility or information that would incur financial detriment to the owner.

A credit/debit card fraud crime could include:

  • Using someone else’s credit or debit card without the owner’s knowledge or permission
  • Using an expired or revoked credit/debit card
  • Falsifying information in an application for credit/debit card
  • A strong defense on a credit/debit card fraud crime charge should include:
  • A case of mistaken identity on the defendant
  • Proving a ‘no-intention’ to defraud the credit/debit card company
  • Wrong accusation by police in the arrest or by the credit/debit company

Most credit/debit card frauds are charged as a category D felony with imprisonment and fines as well as victim restitution program.

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Certain factors must be set in place to prove the innocence of the fraud defendant. It is crucial for the defendant to be proven:

  • A lack of fraudulent intention to commit the fraud crime
  • A victim of mistaken identity
  • Innocent until proven guilty by compelling evidence
  • An entrapment stemming from coercion

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