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Drunk Driving Defense:

The sentence you get for DUI depends on how many such crimes you have committed in the past. When you are convicted of a DUI for the very first time in Mira Mesa, California, there are some penalties that you may face and they include:

  • Summary probation for three-five years
  • Six months in county jail
  • Fines that can be anywhere between 390 and 1,000 dollars
  • There is even nine months drug/alcohol education program that is approved by the court
  • Driver’s license suspension lasting up to ten months
  • When there are no aggravating factors, the above can be reduced to great levels. A DUI lawyer can really help with this.

Dealing With a Theft Crime Charges 

An attorney who is conversant with theft crimes can really help in Mira Mesa, California and you can defeat the charges and keep your record clean. The facts have to be scrutinized first so as to deduce whether the prosecutor has a strong case. If there is any kind of chance that the evidence isn’t adequate, the evidence is challenged and the case can very easily be dropped. However, sometimes the evidence can be overwhelming. In such a case, lawyers can help you with arrangement negotiations where the charges can be reduced or totally dismissed. This can be done especially for first time offenders

Domestic violence

This is a serious matter in Mira Mesa and it needs professional attorneys to handle it. It is important to have a case investigated before it is prosecuted. A lawyer is able to recognize different missing contradictions, weaknesses and some missing pieces that can lead to the winning of such a case.

Sometimes, the police can see an accident as domestic battery or a person can be arrested, but he was actually defending himself during a struggle that was mutual. A lawyer will be able to pin all this together.

Drug crimes 

There are some things that narcotic officers usually do during busts and they can include:

  • Set up the suspects which violates entrapment laws
  • Ignore seizure and search laws
  • Rely on some bogus informants
  • Mislead judges so as to get a search warrant
  • Exaggerate in the reports
  • Make an arrest without any evidence that drugs are owned by the arrested person.

California drug lawyers are in apposition to make a scrutiny of this and this can be helpful to the case. Our California drug crimes lawyers know how to scrutinize the case for police mistakes and misconduct.

Sex crimes

Consequences which can be faced due to sex crimes can be very devastating. You can face jail time or walk for the rest of your life as sex offender suffering all that stigma of being labeled an offender. Seek services of the best attorneys because sex crimes can be very hard in Mira Mesa.

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