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Are you or a loved one looking for the best East County criminal defense attorney to handle all your east county charges? The East County Law Offices Of Thomas P. Matthews has over 25 years of experience in defending those facing serious charges through out East county and San Diego county.  When facing a criminal offense charges, it is scary and you need a legal expert that will work tirelessly to get you the best results possible.  Please learn more about different laws below then call us immediately for free consultation.

Drunk Driving/ DUI Cases

When faced with a DUI charge in La Mesa, the consequences depend on the number of convictions that you have on your record. When you commit a second DUI within a span of ten years, then you may find yourself face to face with some of the following sentences:

  • Three-five years’ summary probation
  • Not less than 96 hours and up to a year within county jail
  • Fines ranging between 390 and 1000 dollars
  • Completion of a court approved DUI school that is approved by the court
  • Driving license suspension for up to two years. After a year, the license can be made a restricted license.

With the absence of aggravating circumstances, the DUI charge can be reduced.

Theft Crimes Defense ( Petty Theft, Shoplifting, Robbery, Embezzlement, Burglary, Auto Theft, Fraud Grand Theft etc)There are different theft charges that one can face and they include:

  • Petty theft: This is under 484 and 488 penal code. This covers the theft of property valued to 950 dollars. This is a misdemeanor, but a second offense is seen as a felony under the 666 penal code.
  • Grand theft: under the 487 penal code, this is the theft of property valued over $950. It can be seen as a felony or misdemeanor.
  • Grand theft of firearm: all firearm thefts are grand thefts despite the gun’s value. The offense will be a felony if it is over 950 dollars in value. There are many more charges that one can face under theft.

Domestic Violence Defense (Restraining Order, Corporal Injury on  Spouse, Child Abuse)

Regardless of the situation, domestic violence attorneys can get all facts and present them in court under domestic violence. The domestic laws in CA make it a crime to use force or even communicate any harm threats against a partner who is intimate. This therefore means that you need to build your case immediately if such charges surface.

Drug Crimes (State & Federal Possession, Sales, Trafficking, Manufacturing)

Under the 11350 health and safety code, it is a misdemeanor to possess all forms of narcotics such as prescription drugs that aren’t prescribed, GHB, ketamine, ecstasy, heroin, crack and cocaine. If convicted of possession, you can face some three years in prison. However, you are eligible for PC 1000 or proposition 36 drug diversion.

Sex Crimes Defense ( Molestation, Abuse, Child Pornography, Rape, Prostitution Solicitation, Teen Sexting etc)

If you face sex crime charge, you need to act fast. Get legal help as fast as you can as this can mean a lot of good things for your case. There is nothing better than giving your side of the story to a trusted attorney. With the rise in sex crime cases near El Cajon, the laws are very tough on offenders. Don’t be prosecuted falsely. The best attorneys can prove your case in court in case you are truly innocent.

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Liberty Lawyers

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