Typical Federal Crimes in US

Every state in the US may experience crimes that would be classified as federal crimes which would be brought up to the Federal Court for trial.There are over 100 types of federal crimes which could be filed especially those related to Federal government property.

These include:

Accounting fraud

Computer crimes

Controlled substances violation

Nation safety jeopardy

Tax crimes


Drugs related crimes


Import/export crimes

Frauds on securities, social and health care

Immigration violations

Internet frauds

Federal Crimes Prosecution

Most federal crimes are investigated by:




The Secret Service

These are special authority agencies in the nation set up to investigate federal criminal offenses for a prosecution at the Federal courts. State law enforcement officers may be roped in to assist these federal agencies.

Prosecution for federal crimes is handled by:

The US Attorney’s Office

A prosecutor from the US Department of Justice

A prosecutor from the Environmental Protection Agency


Federal judges have the power to respond to the Federal Sentencing guidelines or use their discretion in their sentencing for lower penalties depending on the case. Skilled defense lawyers are able to reduce or dismissed.


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Typical Federal Crimes in U.S

Law Offices Of Thomas P. Matthews and San Diego Criminal Defense Lawyer on Federal Crime Cases

Skilled and experienced criminal defense lawyers must be well versed with the nooks and corners of federal crime cases and related laws in order to defend the accused in any state.

An indictment could be headed off with an early legal defense intervention

Skilled negotiations with federal prosecutors could keep the case at state level

A plea bargain is usually a common approach to secure a favorable resolution to avoid an intense trial

A ‘not guilty’ plea would be stated to win a ‘not guilty’ verdict

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