Why Select Us as your Criminal Defense Lawyer


Preparation and Investigation

– While many law firms will tell you that they do their homework, seldom actually do. We stands apart from the rest by putting the time and energy in to investigating what actually took place in your case and often times wins the case long before it ever goes to trial.

Hard Work and Dedication for Criminal and Dui Attorney

– Hard work and dedication are not the typical mantra of attorneys in the San Diego area. We understand this and we want you to understand that when we accept your case, we will work every possible angle, find every possible flaw in the case against you. This is how we win case after case and is simply another example of how we go out of our way to make sure that you don’t go to jail.

Advantage of a Solid Reputation

– Simply put, lawyers with better reputations get better results. Thomas P. Matthews has an extremely strong reputation in the court house, prosecutors know that our firm puts a lot of work in to the cases that we defend and that work shows in the courtroom through our preparation and success with all types of criminal cases.

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