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Robbery (CA Penal Code 211 PC) – San Diego Robbery/Burglary Lawyer Aggressively Defending All Bank, ATM, Store, Armed and Aggravated Robbery Charges

The tough robbery laws in California require tough San Diego robbery lawyers to assist law breakers in escaping the heavy penalties that were imposed by the state. States like California define robbery/burglary as the stealing of a property or money by the means of using physical force or fear against their victim. The charges for this crime is more serious when a gun or weapon is used and an injury took place during the Robbery.

Robbery: What It Is, What You Can Do To Fight

It Alongside murder, rape, and arson, robbery is considered one of the most serious crimes that a person can commit. Theft and vandalism are considered “property crimes,” whereas robbery is a “violent crime,” which makes the penalties and consequences much more severe. This is due to the fact that robbery, by its nature, involves a victim and the threat of violence or great bodily injury. In this sense, committing robbery is nearly as severe as committing murder or rape. Robbery is a Measure 11 crime, which is a list of the most serious felonies. A person can be tried for Second Degree Robbery if he or she threatened the use of physical force during the course of the attempt, and/or if another person aided him or her.

Robbery II is a Class B Felony, which comes with a minimum penalty of one year in prison, and a maximum sentence of 20 years (10 years in some jurisdictions). The crime can be elevated to First Degree Robbery if the perpetrator was armed with a deadly weapon during the attempt. First Degree Robbery is a Class A Felony, which can result in life imprisonment, or even the death penalty in some states.

Because robbery is such a serious offense, defendants charged with either form of the felony are looked down upon by all facets of the legal system: judge, prosecutor, and jury. This is why great legal representation is absolutely necessary in these cases. A good criminal lawyer can mount several defenses for a person charged with robbery. First, they can try to convince the jury that the prosecution’s evidence doesn’t prove the defendant’s guilt. Or, they can negotiate a plea deal. If those defenses don’t work, they can try to prove that certain facts of the case remove their client’s culpability for the crime. This is called an “affirmative defense,” wherein a lawyer will try to prove that their defendant was forced into the crime, either through duress or the threat of bodily injury (entrapment). A defendant can also claim either “voluntary” or “involuntary” intoxication as an affirmative defense, which will often lessen the charge.

A defendant without a suitable attorney won’t know any of this. If he or she accepts the representation of a public defender, they’re likely to get a subpar plea bargain or be convicted of a maximum sentence. A great criminal attorney can go a long way to lessening the blow of a robbery charge

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