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For a Rape Charge in San Diego, the Defense Lawyer You Choose is CRUCIAL — We’ve Defended Over 1000's Criminal Cases, With a Proven Track Record of Success Defending Rape Charges!

Rape is considered one of the MOST serious personal crimes, and if you are convicted, it can destroy your life, your future, and your freedom. If you have been charged with rape in San Diego, time is NOT on your side. Don’t wait. Contact us immediately!

The defenses a rape defense lawyer may advocate will depend upon the situation, but some of the most common defenses include consent, tainted or insufficient evidence, or mistaken identity. If the accused individual and the victim know each other, consent will be the criminal defense lawyer’s primary question.

Sometimes an individual may falsely accuse someone, deliberately or unintentionally, which may often be the case in rape accusations. If the accused and the victim do not know each other, the rape defense attorney will probably note the likelihood of mistaken identity. Furthermore, a criminal defense lawyer may believe that the police used entrapment, which occurs when police convince an individual to commit a crime that he or she did not intend to commit.

At Liberty Lawyers, we have over 25 years experience defending rape charges, and we’ve helped many San Diego County residents get their charges reduced or even dismissed.

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When clients come to Superior Law Center with a rape charge, they are given the individual attention and care they need to get through the stressful legal process. ALL of your rights will be protected, and we will NOT stop until we have secured your freedom and gotten you the best possible outcome!

* Do NOT speak to law enforcement or investigators about your rape charges, as that information can and will be used against you in a court of law.

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