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Drug Crimes    Possession of Drugs    Possession for Sale   Trafficking of Drugs   Manufacturing Drugs

Domestic Violence   Child Endangerment/Abuse    Violation of Restraining Order

DUI Attorney   DMV Hearings   Underage DUI

Sex Crimes     Rape and Statutory Rap     Prostitution/Solicitation    Assault and Battery

Vandalism & Property Crimes    Theft Crimes    Robbery and Carjacking 

Insurance Fraud/Identity Theft    Embezzlement    Fraud    White Collar Crime   Shoplifting / Petty Theft

Illegal Weapons

Parole And Probation Violation    Expungement/Conviction Relief    Bench Warrant      Federal Crimes

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We represent clients in both Federal and State Courts such as:


-Domestic Violence



-Sex Crimes



-Prior Conviction Enhancements

-Prior Prison Term Enhancements

-Three Strikes Allegations

-Probation Violations

-Modification of Probation Terms

-Expungement of Past Convictions

-Dmv Hearing

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