Parole Hearing & Probation Violation

Thomas Matthews law office with over 26 years of criminal defense is here to help you with all San Diego probation violation defense and parole hearings for all type of crimes including DUI probation violation. California insists on a distinct difference between a parole and probation to identify the severity of the crime behind its enforcement. Parole refers to the early release from jail with a strict supervision of movements by authorities on the released convict of a charged crime. Probation is known to be a criminal sentence where the criminal offender may remain in the community instead of serving jail time.

An assigned probation officer monitors the parolee or offender regularly before a full release is granted by the state court for a fresh lease of life to commence. Our friendly and dynamic legal firm offers the best counsel to ensure that a full release can be activated quickly for the parolee to get back into a normal lifestyle. Our experienced and professional law firm Law Offices of Thomas P Matthew is capable of advising parolees and probation defendants of the severe San Diego county consequences of violating probation. Such a violation invokes the trust and second chance offered to the criminal offenders who would be put in jail for a longer period. A violation of probation results in a jail term that would mar the release chances as well as the criminal record of the defendant.

Our diligent San Diego lawyers work hard to secure a full release quickly for a parole or probation to avoid:

-Reporting regularly to the assigned court officer

-Inconvenience and restrictions to desired lifestyle

-Repeated criminal offenses during probation/parole

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