The impact of a Restraining Order Charges In San Diego


Restraining orders by nature cover personal conduct orders, stay-away orders, and residence exclusion orders.

Personal conduct orders under a restraining order are meant to prevent specific acts against the parties identified in the restraining order. These parties need not receive or answer the contact attempts of restrained defendants. Furthermore, the restrained defendant is not allowed to attack, strike or batter protected parties. No stalking, threatening, harassing or sexual assault is permitted. Personal property cannot be destroyed or possessed unlawfully. The restrained defendant cannot disturb the peace of the protected parties.

Stay-away orders are inflicted on the restrained person to keep a certain distance away from the protected parties under the restraining order. This would include the home, workplace, children’s schools or care centers, vehicles and other places frequented by the protected victims.

Residence exclusion orders are known as “kick-out” or “move-out” court orders to remove the restrained persons from the presence of the protected person until the court hearing. These orders are released in domestic violence criminal cases to ensure a safe environment for the alleged victim. However, the restrained defendant has to bear unpleasant consequences that include a restriction in movements to certain places or activities, finding alternative residence and spending time with children.

Breaking a restraining order can spell out heavy penalties for the restrained person which may include jail time or a fine or both.


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