At the point when your personal freedom and mobility are at stake, you don't need only any attorney - you need an attorney with the preparation, instruction and experience to help you resolve your case as fast and as could reasonably be expected.

Thomas P Matthews, a lawyer with over 25 years of experience and affiliated with a DUI law firm, has seen terrible things happen to good people over DUI charges. Over the years it has become evident that having a professional and capable attorney handling your case can be the decisive factor that just might prove your innocence. Thomas P Matthews is focused on approaching you with deference and to keeping up an open line of correspondence so as to handle your legal matter skillfully and steadily as per the most elevated gauges of professionalism.

Any criminal accusation, including DUI conviction can devastatingly affect your reputation and your job environment so it is essential that you look for a DUI specialist from an accomplished criminal attorney firm as soon as possible. Early representation may have the advantage of having your charges dropped totally or having the charges lessened to a lesser offense.

It is typical to feel overpowered attempting to make sense of how to continue when accused of a wrongdoing. Thomas P Matthews knows how you feel and has the solutions for your inquiries, exhortation you can trust, and experience you can rely on. We give careful attention to each case so as to exercise independent professional judgment for your sake. We regard your choices on the objectives of your case and ceaselessly assess and break down the key choices we settle on together. We will likely go about as both a guide and a backer when moving through the legal framework.

Thomas P Matthews knows the system and with him the legal framework is more open and responsive. We separate confounded legal dialect, laws and statutes with the goal that you comprehend the choices you have, conceivable results you confront, and the phases of your criminal case. Your rights, freedom, and professional future are of most extreme significance to Thomas P Matthews. We have broad experience taking care of criminal cases in courts all through California and are prepared to guard you in any Criminal, DUI or Traffic-related case.



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