Felony Arrest in San Diego?

Without the most aggressive and experienced San Diego felony defense lawyer fighting for you, your felony conviction could result in jail or prison time, substantial fines, court ordered classes, loss of driving privileges and much more — The LAST thing you want is a felony criminal conviction on your record, as this will permanently tarnish your reputation and impact your future, including (but not limited to) your employment opportunities.

We offer little or no money down and affordable payment plans to help you out.

More importantly, we have an outstanding track record of success in San Diego, as you can see in our recent victories/case results, as well as our client testimonials.

If you are facing a felony charge in San Diego, call us immediately at (619) 378-9990 and take advantage of our FREE, confidential consultation with our experienced, winning San Diego felony lawyer.

Although no two felony cases are exactly alike, the respect we get from San Diego judges, and our winning track record in the San Diego 0court system gives you a HUGE advantage! We have experience defending – and winning – virtually every type of criminal charge there is.


Remember, do NOT speak to law enforcement or investigators about your felony charges, as that information CAN and WILL be used against you in a court of law.

With Liberty Lawyers, ALL of your rights will be protected immediately, and we will NOT stop until we have secured your freedom and gotten the BEST possible outcome for you or your loved ones.

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