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When you work with the professionals at Law Office of Thomas P Matthews, you are getting a smart and knowledgeable team who will put your thoughts and needs first. Our San Diego area clients appreciate our personal attention in helping them resolve their Federal Securities Fraud matters. We take a strong and aggressive approach in dealing with San Diego area courts, and we will never let you face your Federal Securities Fraud charges alone.

Facing Federal Securities Fraud charges, but having nowhere to turn? Law Office of Thomas P Matthews has seen dozens of other clients in the same position and we have made it our goal to help these individuals get the best possible results from their cases. With our over 26 years in the San Diego area, you can trust us to be the guiding hand you need in this stressful time.

Kenneth Lay of Enron. Bernard Ebbers of WorldCom. Bernie Madoff. Charles Ponzi of the eponymous scheme. Securities fraud convictions aren’t whispers in the night; they’re screaming headlines. And forget so-called “Club Fed” prisons. Twenty-five years is still 25 years. Not to mention tens of millions of dollars in fines.

Securities fraud accusations are serious business, with cases often run by zealous prosecutors positioning themselves for elected office. And it’s not only the Ponzi schemers who are targeted. Martha Stewart served her time for insider trading, and regular investors are being prosecuted for disseminating false information about publicly traded companies over the Internet.

If you’re being investigated for securities fraud, time is NOT on your side. Do NOT speak to investigators, as anything you say will be used against you. An attorney from Liberty Lawyers can protect your rights and prevent self-incrimination.

Securities law is complex, and you will need an experienced attorney at your side. We can often prevent charges from being filed, but if the case proceeds, we will mount a vigorous defense. We may be able to prove that damages were caused by unrelated factors, or that you were unaware of the falsities.

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