Charged with Federal Racketeering?

Racketeering charges pop out of the federal RICO Act like rabbits from a magician’s hat. Prosecutors can choose two or more crimes from a deck of 35, then use sleight-of-hand to seize the assets of the accused. Before you know it – presto! – a defendant is tied up in both criminal and civil suits, looking at two decades in prison per count and fines of three times the actual financial damages.

If you’re under investigation or have been indicted for racketeering, time is NOT on your side. RICO cases are incredibly complex and can have devastating consequences. Liberty Lawyers has the experience necessary to pull back the curtain and expose the weaknesses of the government’s case. We will work tirelessly to reduce or dismiss the charges against you. If necessary, we will negotiate with prosecutors to reduce any potential penalties.

Remember, the Feds will not protect your rights. We will. Call Liberty Lawyers TODAY for a free, no-obligation consultation. Our Team Can Help!

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