If You’ve Been Charged or Arrested for Federal Money Laundering,

We’ll Fight for Your Innocence.

Money laundering laws and regulations are like funhouse mirrors: they exaggerate, minimize, and distort financial transactions in confounding ways. Accusations of money laundering often accompany – or substitute for – white collar or other criminal charges, such as racketeering or embezzlement. For the accused, this three-ring circus of laws can quickly become a house of horrors.

If you’re under investigation for money laundering, time is NOT on your side. Each financial transaction can become a separate criminal charge, and penalties for conviction are severe – decades in prison and hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines. It’s imperative that you get off of the justice system’s merry-go-round before it gets started. Liberty Lawyers can quickly and effectively get the facts, and may be able to stop the investigation in its tracks.

If charges have already been filed, we can step in to get the charges dropped or reduced. For example, you can’t be found guilty of money laundering if you didn’t know that the money was obtained illegally. We might argue that you were fearful that you or your family would be harmed if you did not participate. Or we may seek to dismiss the charges based on insufficient evidence if there’s doubt that the money in question came from an illegal activity. The same holds true if you didn’t intend to obfuscate the source of the money.

Remember, do NOT speak with investigators without an attorney from Liberty Lawyers at your side. They won’t protect your rights. We will. Call TODAY for a free, no-obligation consultation.



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