Federal Computer Hacking

If You’ve Been Charged with Federal Computer Hacking, Get us OnYour Side Immediately.


If you’ve been accused of computer hacking, you may not even be aware of the laws in play. A medley of statutes incorporate provisions relating to computer hacking, and any misstep can result in a cacophony of federal charges.

For example, the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act initially applied only the hacking of computers owned by the government or financial institutions, but now covers virtually every computer with an Internet connection. Provisions of the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, the Economic Espionage Act, the Wire Fraud Act, the National Stolen Property Act, and the Identification Theft and Assumption Deterrence Act can be applied independently or in concert to computer hacking.

Prosecutors will file as many types of computer hacking charges as possible in an attempt to orchestrate the harshest penalties for the accused. And Congress is considering strengthening computer hacking laws to increase punishments for up to 30 years in prison. That’s why, if you’ve been accused of computer hacking, time is NOT on your side.

Time is of the essence. You need legal representation BEFORE you speak to investigators, or you may say something that will be used against you. Liberty Lawyers will orchestrate your interactions with the Feds, and we will do our best to prevent charges from being filed. We’ll use strategies ranging from questioning the statute of limitations to challenging illegal searches to protest entrapment.

Remember, the Feds won’t protect your rights. We will. Call Liberty Lawyers TODAY for a free, no-obligation consultation.



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