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Our team here at Liberty Lawyers Thomas P Matthews will always have your best interests in mind. We want to make sure that you are appropriately taken care of and your DWI Defense case goes according to plan. Trust us if you are looking for an experienced DWI Defense lawyer in the Bonita, CA area.


At Liberty Lawyers Thomas P Matthews, we like to treat each individual case as though it were our only. This focus means we are able help our Bonita, CA area clients without being distracted by anything else. DWI Defense cases require lawyers who can argue for your side and ensure your increased chances of success.

You do not have to face DWI Defense charges alone. At Liberty Lawyers Thomas P Matthews, we know how intimidating facing the law can be, and we have seen our fair share of Bonita, CA  area clients become overwhelmed by the idea of standing in court.

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In your DWI Defense case, no one on your Bonita, CA area jury will have seen your story. Their decisions will be based upon the legal representations provided by each party. After many years of practice, we at Liberty Lawyers Thomas P Matthews feel confident in our ability to ensure that your story is properly told. Call us at (619) 378-9990 to experience that confidence today.

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