How to Hire the Best DUI lawyer in San Diego, CA:

Step One: It’s absolutely critical that you don’t make any hasty decisions at a time when you feel the need to do something fast. While the imminent pressure may make it seem as though you have to hire the first lawyer that comes along, the truth is, making a decision without forethought could be the biggest mistake you’ll make from here on out. Stop and take a breath, and then contact Liberty Lawyers to find out how they can help you with your case. If you’re facing DUI charges, you’ll want legal representation in your corner with experience, knowledge and skill.

Step Two: Think about what’s at stake. For a DUI conviction, you could lose your driver’s license, go to jail for a term up to 3 years, be subject to significant fines and penalties, or face other court-ordered consequences; your insurance rates will increase substantially as well- all of which will be determined by the classification of your charge. To avoid the possibility of a conviction, or to provide a cushion that can results in a lesser charge, it’s necessary to hire the best DUI lawyer in San Diego, CA. Liberty Lawyers firmly believes the costs of being convicted heavily outweigh the costs of hiring an experienced DUI attorney to represent you.

Step Three: Schedule your free consultation. It surprises many clients to learn that they have only 10 days from the date of their arrest to set up their DMV hearing to keep their deliver’s license from becoming revoked or suspended. If you need some assistance navigating the complications of this process, Liberty Lawyers can take care of the details for you. If you fail to schedule your hearing, you may lose your license for days, months or even years! Take advantage of your free consultation with an attorney from Liberty Lawyers to learn how they can help. You’ll gain free legal advice and answers to your most pressing questions.

Step Four: Do a bit of research on your own. Visit the Liberty Lawyers website to find out more about their firm and how they can help you. You’ll find their website to be a valuable resource as you take the next steps in securing representation for your case. While on the site, you can learn about expungement, and how it can affect your future, as well as become more informed about DUI charges. If you’ve been arrested for a felony DUI, you may be facing devastating consequences to your actions. Click on the ‘DUI Arrest’ link on the Liberty Lawyers website to learn about first, second and third DUI arrest, DUI with injury, and much more.

Time is of the essence, but with that in mind, you don’t want to hire the first lawyer you come across online. Take a moment to learn why Liberty Lawyers firm employs the best DUI lawyer in San Diego, CA. Click on ‘Results’ and read through real client testimonials that will convince you, you’ve found the right legal representation.

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