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If you live in Poway, CA and face DUI Defense charges, the legal professionals of Law Office of Thomas P Matthews are here to provide you with the defense you want and deserve. We know how difficult it may be for you to face DUI Defense charges. We will fight for your rights in a court of law to get you the best outcome for your case.

25 years of experience in working with DUI Defense cases has taught us valuable skills in seeking a successful representation for our clients. At Law Office of Thomas P Matthews, we do everything possible to provide our clients with valuable representation and results.

At Law Office of Thomas P Matthews, we know that every DUI Defense case is a unique situation, and therefore, diligently prepare for each Poway, CA area court case. Our DUI Defense firm has many years of experience working in the Poway, CA area, making us a good fit for your DUI Defense situation.

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In the Poway, CA area, our DUI Defense defense lawyers are standing by to help you with your case. Let us use our many years of experience to create a defense that can greatly improve your chances of reducing charges or erasing all charges in your Poway, CA area cases. Call us today at (619) 468-5955 to take advantage of our services.

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