Domestic Violence Taboo


Domestic violence

Domestic violence has been around for so long, but the subject is such a taboo in the society that very few people talk about it openly. Domestic violence is referred to as an abuse or act of violence which is done by one person to another when they are engaged in a domestic setting such as cohabitation and marriage. Domestic violence takes place between intimate partners as well, where one partner abuses the other forms such a mental, physical, religious, emotional, verbal and so many other ways, ranging from coercive forms to heinous martial rape, and also include violent physical abuse such as acid throwing, female genital mutilation which causes disfigurement and sometimes even death.

The various forms of domestic murders which come under domestic violence include stoning, dowry deaths, honor killings, burning and other etc.

According to a Global report, the victims of domestic violence are mostly women. Domestic violence is seen as justifiable in Some Asian and Middle Eastern countries where infidelity is a big curse and many young girls are brought to death in the name of honor. Recent researches have also hinted that gender quality plays a big role in domestic violence ratio. It is observed that in countries where men and women are given equal rights, they tend to have lower domestic violence ratios as women are aware of their rights and fight for their rights to be granted as well. However, in countries where the equality ratio is less, women suffer from domestic violence more often than it expected and mostly the cases are never reported. Because, women are thought to believe that whatever their partner is doing should be accepted by her, and that it is her fate and she has to keep up with her family and children.

It is a fact that domestic violence is a crime which goes unreported the most globally for both men and women. A problem with victims of domestic violence is that due to the fact that they are unaware of their rights, they accept the abuse as a part of their fate. Domestic violence occurs only when the victim doesn’t acknowledge himself as the victim and see it as justified. A form of domestic violence is also abusive relationships, in which a cycle of abuse followed by tensions, violence and reconciliation is established after short intervals of time. The outcome and side effects of domestic violence are that victims suffer from various physical and mental disorders and disabilities.

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