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At The Law Office of Thomas P Matthews, our team consists of legal professionals with real world experience, and as a firm we have 25 years of experience litigating in legal matters. Our team in the San Diego CA  County area is committed to your success, and we make sure that personal attention and service are always on the agenda when helping clients with their Child Abuse cases.


The Law Office of Thomas P Matthews. has gained a reputation for its effective representation of clients facing Child Custody issues. Over our 25 years of experience working in the San Diego CA County area we have dealt with many professionals that give us a unique perspective.

Under California law, child abuse is the non-accidental means of inflicting the following to a minor:

Sexual abuse

Physical abuse

Emotional abuse


General neglect

Severe neglect

The Law Office of Thomas P Matthews. has a strong knowledge-base in Child Molestation, Neglect, Sexual abuse, Emotional abuse and other areas of Child Abuse law. While it might not seem relevant when you first start your Child Abuse case, we’ve found after 25 years experience that as the case goes along, those other areas of the law become relevant. We’ve also built a strong network in the San Diego CA County region to provide evaluations and other business services when necessary.

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