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Criminal Defense Attorney in San Diego

If you or a loved one is under investigation or charged with a crime, you need an experienced San Diego criminal defense attorney to protect your freedom.

With over 26 years experience as a Criminal Defense Lawyer, Thomas P. Matthews understands what you are up against: “the system.” The government has unlimited resources to come after you. As a former prosecutor, Thomas P. Matthews does not only know the system; he was the system. Thomas P. Matthews will aggressively represent you to achieve the best possible outcome. When you hire Thomas P. Matthews as your criminal attorney, you tip the scales of justice in your favor.

The primary purpose of this San Diego criminal lawyer website is to give you a clear understanding of what our law firm is all about, how our knowledge can help get your case dropped or reduced, and help you understand the basic laws governing your charges. Thomas has handled 1000s of the biggest federal / felony crimes including international narcotics trafficking, money laundering, child pornography, fraud, computer crime and in addition practice extensively in the federal courts in Washington DC, California, New Jersey, Nevada, Arizona plus much more in the United States. As you get to know us, you will get a sense of the dedication and commitment of our hard working criminal law firm in San Diego.

Thomas P. Matthews understands that any arrest ant criminal charge is serious, whether a DUI, Misdemeanor or Felony. Taken lightly, a criminal charge can ruin one’s life. Thomas P. Matthews is who you need to secure as your representative when you need the very best legal expert for your charges.

How Our Affordable San Diego Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Win Your Case

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Our Clients Are Not Just Numbers

At our law firm, you’re not a number; you’re a real person with a real life that needs help in defending your rights. Part of representing you includes presenting you to the court in a way that reminds them that you’re a person too. Being a criminal defense attorney opens my eyes on how people are in the wrong places at the wrong time. Thomas P. Matthews, a San Diego Criminal Lawyer, and DUI Attorney, will stand by you 100%.

How A California Misdemeanor and Felony Conviction Can Affect Your Life!

Jail Time

This is an obvious effect of a criminal conviction, but it is something that people do not think about enough. When you are in jail, your life stops, the rest of the world continues to move forward, but your life stays still until you are freed. The months or years that are spent in jail can never be regained. Find out “WHOS-IN JAIL in the San Diego County”.

What To Do After You Have Been Accused Of A Crime

Call An Attorney – The first thing that you need to do after being charged with a crime is assert your right to speak with an attorney. Do not discuss your case with anyone but your attorney. Many times officers will attempt to get you to confess to a crime without you even knowing it, sometimes they will even go as low as to put an undercover officer in your cell and use the information they collect about you….READ MORE…

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About The Attorney

We are dedicated and committed to representing our clients aggressively, professionally and above all else, honestly. It is our focus on building a solid attorney to client relationship based on trust and mutual respect that sets us apart from other firms

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